Tom Moody

…and the All New Greatest Hits Band

LP: Perfectly Executed

Channelling west coast hardcore punk of the late
80’s and London squat-rock sensibilities of the 90’s
TMATANGHB are the heated articulation of urban
frustration that’s surrounded by the ostentatious
wealth of the city.

To those that surrender to their demands TMATANGHB offer an antidote. A fishslapped dose of reality, a burning road block for those refusing to sleepwalk further into the police
state to which they will ultimately be excluded.

Driving riffs, weird timings, eclectic musical
references Tom Moody and the All New Greatest
Hits Band
are what we need right now – play it loud.

“Tom’s a natural born performer …on the stage is his natural habitat …what a voice …f***king love it!”

Greg Fisher

“How am I supposed to follow that…” ?

Lol Coxhill

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