Kate Bosworth

Presenter, DJ and accidental pseudo-musician of an experimental radio show, Dark Train, which runs on Monday evenings on Warminster Community Radio.

Kate has been a broadcaster with Warminster Community Radio since 2004 and it wasn’t until WCR secured a licence to broadcast full-time that Dark Train was born in the September of 2012.

Lurking under the radar for 5 years, Dark Train finally became available to stream on Mixcloud by complete fluke in a bid to win a spot to present at Glastonbury Festival’s Worthy FM. Slowly realising that like-minded DJs and musicians existed, the show began to attract listeners and Kate finally achieved her dream of being sent music to play on the show and has made some wonderful friends and contacts.

Kate works in a media centre making films and in focusing on sound, she started to collate all of the weird noise editing by-products and field recordings from her library onto CDs and these sowed the seed of introducing noises into the segues during the show.

When C19 temporarily shut the radio station down (with the exception of public service announcements), Kate had to quickly adapt and chose to record her show from a developing studio at home. Realising the kit that existed in her armoury could replace the CD bridges, Kate started experimenting with a Moog Grandmother, TR-8s Drum machine, SOMA ETHER and old radios to add texture and flow to the music.  

Influenced by entheogens, colour, chaos and Mother Nature, the sounds continue to evolve with each show and Kate adds improvisation and sonic manipulations at random using field recordings, music processing apps and has recently added a SOMA COSMOS and LYRA into the fold.

Purchase IP_DT_Vol.1 here. 100% of all proceeds from sales go towards artists and Warminster Community Radio.

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