Irregular Frequencies (IF)

IF is a place where homeless curiosities can find their shelter. 

IF promotes the notion that experimentation has always been a medium of expression at the heart of musical evolution. 

IF is for creatives who occupy the grey area, playing with different sounds, textures, and rhythms, incorporating unconventional elements into their music, be you a novice, hobbyist or seasoned musician.

IF aims to provide an avenue for like-minded creatives who find themselves homeless and without an opportunity to share their art.

IF invites the uninvited, the spoken word artist whose been screaming alone, electronic wonky knob twister, Lo-fi bedroom accustics, laptop loner, glitchy beat maker, distorting sounds, Dictaphone enthusiast, field recordist, mobile phone soundscape recordist. You have found at home. 

Submissions, proposals, projects:


Michael Donoghue

Jersey Island based independent electronic artist, Michael Donoghue offers up the 4 track EP, Island, resonating a personal depiction of island life, isolation, and loneliness. Constructed on foundations, which vibrate with discontented screaming restrained beneath the surface of island life conformity.


Electronic racketeers BONK! arrived on IF during February 2023 with a 3 track ep.

The Dark Jazz Project

Now an IP regular The Dark Jazz Project’s initial release was via IF, and also included a very limited home made CD with a one off 12.32 minute mix.

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