“Whilst my music might contain elements that make it more accessible, context is everything. It may appear familiar, but beneath the surface there is way more to the encounter”

The Mighty She is the latest incarnation of British artist/producer Sophie C. Driven by influences from dub and reggae to the early electronic pioneers, Sophie’s music attracted a loyal following in the emergent Acid House scene of the late 80s.  In the years that followed, as the police hounded travellers from party to party, the developing rave scene provided a sanctuary for a group of disparate souls tired of corrupt authority and mainstream cultures.

Strobe-flowers and bit-boppers provided the musical backdrop against which Sophie played some of the biggest underground parties of the day.  The Mighty She represents the latest turn in a musical journey that surpasses genre. Underpinned by an eclectic musical taste – from Spooky to Goldfrapp, Union Jack to Bebel Gilberto, Dillinja to Propaganda – all of which have left their unique imprint.

As a founding member of the original dance music generation, Sophie is rooted in an enviable musical heritage. The Mighty She takes you from the balmy fields of England, stepping to an endless beat as the strawberry moon hangs low on the horizon – to a new musical dawn filled with positivity, love, and a healthy dose of damnation .

The Damnation EP is released on IP 7th October 2022 and will be available on Bandcamp and also available on the usual streaming platforms, which consists of 4 tracks.

Still Life is a moody instrumental evoking those quiet contemplative moments we all experience from time to time – fleeting passages amidst the chaos in which the extraneous falls away revealing the essence of a beautiful stillness. 

Stranger is a response to the myriad whispered cries for help that today fill the void between a society that’s forgotten how to care and a state that never did. We have become so accustomed to the screaming, angry voices of social media. I think we need to stop and listen instead for the whispers.

Walking on Bones is a deeply personal track but I don’t want to say much more than that, I want to leave it open, ready to accept whatever emotional inscription the listener want to attribute to it. I want it to mean something different to everyone who takes the time to dive in. 

I think the title track, Damnation, offers a fitting climax to the EP. It’s about contrast – the angelic vocal set against the darkness of the instrumentation. I’ll drop an extended version live – gonna kick them subs haaaaaard!

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I love the honesty of working with IP because, with them, the working relationship between the artist and the “label” (for want of a better word) operates on a fundamentally different basis to traditional artist-label relationships. The creative process is constantly questioned and interrogated in a way I have never experienced before, and my music is all the better for it. I’m super-proud to present the Damnation EP. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it inspires you.

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