04.01.22 – Sherman Oak: Alex H Duncan

The second release on IP from Alex H Duncan is the majestic Sherman Oak. The advanced Bandcamp release and download includes a bundle of stuff liner notes, photos and video for the Sherman Oak remix produced by our very own Eszen. A strictly limited edition CD is also available, which includes creative licence demos and stems, so you too can add voices to natures majestic beauty the tree. Link below.

10.12.21 – Video The Book of Slofh Part 1: The Fall by Alex H Duncan

The Book of Slofh Part 1: The Fall is Alex H Duncan’s first release on Irregular Patterns, which includes both the original 20 minute mix and a shorter radio edit. Additional information about this release and further work by Alex H Duncan here.

Alex H Duncan is often to the found foraging forests and coastlines deploying technology to harvest midi data from trees, plants and any other source of sounds that mother nature is prepared to share with him. These recordings provide Alex with the raw date to build his meticulous, dense soundscapes, which takes the listener into a world of the ‘other’.

25.11.21 – Paper Fishes, Orange Paint Single

The next single release via Irregular Patterns will be indie rock bands Paper Fishes, Orange Paint on 30th November 2021. Taken from the bands full length album, Instant Happiness. The single is now available for pre-save on all the usual streaming platforms. Downloads here: where you can also view the video for the single in advance of the single release.

31.10.21 – Review of Still There (Still Here) 13aX, Eszen Remix

Tome to the Weather Machine is a music blog started in 2009 by Ryan Hall, and share reviews and videos of experimental music from around the world. During October they provided a review of Still There (Still Here) 13aX (Eszen Remix), which you can read here

24.10.21 – Paper Fishes: Instant Happiness

Literate, poetic, visceral, introspective, hard hitting, gutsy, audacious, finely crafted, darkly comic, indie rock. Led by the enigmatic, classically trained musician Andre Levy, Paper Fishes weld together tales of humanity and family tensions, set in a Damien Jurado-like love of Americana, lo-fi rock, folk and barroom ballads. Paper Fishes produce songs laced with razor-sharp lyrics, observing the beauty, fragility and absurdity of life.

21.09.21 – Eszen: Still There//Still There Remix

Our resident noise merchant releases a dismantling (remix) of 13aX’s Still There accompanied by a mind twisting video that needs to be experienced, once seen never forgotten. The track is available for download from our Bandcamp account on 24.09.21, along with the video that can also be viewed on our YouTube channel too.

14.09.21 – Preorder: 13aX’s Still There EP

01.09.21 – FELIX JUPITER

We are proud to announce our second label signing Felix Jupiter with music set for release this October.

16.08.21 – RELEASE: IP 0.1


13aX – Still There EP


  1. Distant Storm
  2. Still There
  3. The Bridge
  4. Unquietly


31st August:premiere of video for Distant Storm

14th September: Download & preorder

28th September: EP available for download