Past Tracks Vol 2

In the early 2000’s we were living in a time when
the fight for justice for Stephen Lawrence was being
fought in many arenas. Doreen Lawrence had
the fighting spirit and was the inspiration behind
the character “Lady of Rage” on Poetry Revolution.

The subsequent McPherson report was crucial in
highlighting the reality of Racism in the UK; being
sown into the fabric of the Met alongside British
society in general. It emphasised the need to cut
out prejudice if we ever wanted to see change and
a thriving multiculturalism in Britain.

Twelve years on and his EP remains poignant and
painfully relevant. The need for communities to
stand together for what they believe is right and
not be gaslit with political spin and hollow sound
bites remains the same!

” Adisa’s gift to the world is ‘the word’. His art of ‘verbalizing’ opens new doors, make connections and creates magic”

Richard Mallett, Education and Community Producer
London Philharmonic Orchestra

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