‘Every bit as brilliant as Larkin, but a million times funnier’ – The Guardian

Dean Wilson has been writing poetry since his teenage years and performing onstage for over 25 years now. He’s from Hull and worked in his hometown and in London as a postman for many years. His honest, moving, often hilarious, usually rhyming poems always have an immediate, positive effect on audiences and so two nights were recorded in May 2022 in front of an appreciative Hull crowd.

Dean’s unique, insistent, warm, rhythmic delivery will introduce you to his world; a world filled with former lovers, current crushes, lively pubs, coastal towns, buses, beaches, crumbling cliffs and dangerous deckchairs. 

After taking early retirment, he moved to the East Yorkshire coastal town of Withernsea and became a full-time poet. He has since published three very popular volumes of his poetry – Sometimes I’m So Happy I’m Not Safe On The Streets, With and Take Me Up The Lighthouse – all available through influential indie imprint Wrecking Ball Press.

‘An act so funny he made me spit beer across the room’ – BBC Radio

Dean Wilsons World




Sometimes I’m So Happy I’m Not Safe On The Stage, released 15th September 2022 on IP, features poems written over a quarter-of-a-century; some long-time favourites and some written just days before the recording.

‘Some of his stuff is a bit ropey, but some of it is great’ – The Scotsman

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