The Dark Jazz Project: 3 (preorder ltd CD)

Full release 07.07.23 and coming in at nearly 2 hours run-time the album sees DJP traverse a vast terrane, structurally and sonically diving into a dark and mysterious cosmogony of electronic music.

Packed with musical ideas, 3’s rhythms and textures lurch unpredictably from chaos to ear splattering jazz or noise, always managing to retain a singular vision and consistent musical voice.

Within the LPs heart is an 8bit nostalgia, a poignant farewell to our analogue past and trepidatious hug of an unseen unknowable cyborg future.

The album loosely soundtracks the accompanying sister project; a three act play DEAD KING. DEAD KING tells the story of a medieval king who finds himself caught in a time paradox after the discovery of a magical creature who possess endless energy giving qualities and who is gifted to the peoples of the neighbouring kingdom.

The album comes in ltd CD and download format, as well as the usual streaming platforms. More information click here.

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