Paper Fishes: Underbelly EP

Irregular Patterns are delighted to present Paper Fishes’ final instalment of a set of three EP releases. UNDERBELLY consists of 2 new tracks Green Light and Xyster taken from the bands forthcoming album Fear of Silence – penned for release in late summer 2023.

UNDERBELLY also features an exclusive reworking of Green Light by psych-folk label mates 13aX and solo rendition of Green Light by frontman and chief Paper Fishes architect Andre Levy with an accompanying video. (Follow the link below to listen to Green Light and exclusive access both the Paper Fishes and 13aX videos ahead of their formal release on Friday 12-05-23):

Andre explains the forces behind the two new tracks.

Green Light: This is a gospel song, a plea to something outside of yourself. It’s a piano-led spiritual written by an agnostic. It’s a song about someone trying to hold themselves together while struggling with their fears, and the weight of the past. They’re pleading with themselves not to crack, even though a part of them really wants to. The Green Light is an oblique reference to the Great Gatsby and the allure of the other lives we dream we might have, as well as our desire to just go ahead and lose our shit, to free ourselves from our burdens, from consequence.

Xyster: [zis-ter] – (noun) A surgical instrument for scraping bones. The hidden dark centre of the album Fear of Silence, of our families and our lives. All the fear and insecurity, the failures and betrayals, the pain, guilt, and shame that we try to pretend isn’t there. All the things that went wrong, and how we live with them. Xyster also potentially looks ahead to a heavier, more drone prog sound for Paper Fishes, which is where they might go next. There are 7/8-time signatures coming!

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