Paper Fishes: EP2: I WAS 25

8th April 23 and the release I WAS 25. The second instalment of the trilogy of EP’s by Bristol’s Paper Fishes. The EP’s foundation being the track Burning Out, “a confessional, a therapy song through and through. Honest and direct, I’m laying myself bare, simply and in 3 chords.” Andre Levy, lyricist and lead singer, Paper Fishes.

I WAS 25 is available for preorder now on Irregular Patterns which also includes some bonus tracks not be available on the streaming platform release, which hits on 8th April.

EP2: I WAS 25 also includes cover versions of the Burning Out track by Scarborough’s mysterious Hydrogen Trees utilising their obsolete cassette recorders to deconstruct the track and offer raw, yet beautiful alternative takes. Both Bandcamp and streaming releases come with the new Paper Fishes song, Ain’t No Genius. “A high-octane, punky caricature of human relationships, a fantasy gone wrong about fighting with friends, family and lovers that blends truth and fabrication, honesty and subterfuge.” Andre Levy, lyricist and lead singer, Paper Fishes.

EP1: TURN THE TIDE is available now. The 3rd and final instalment EP3 UNDERBELLY is due 12th May 2023 with the new album Fear of Silence penned for late summer. Also catch Paper Fishes: Thursday 13th April 2023, at Green Note, 106 Parkway, Camden, London. Click the image below for more information.

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