Paper Fishes: EP1 Turn the Tide, 10.03.23

A flotilla of new releases from Bristol-based Paper Fishes arrives on the Irregular Patterns over the next few months starting with EP1 Turn the Tide, 10th March 2023. EP1 Turn the Tide is the first in a trilogy of EP’s and provides the first new music since 2021 album Instant Happiness and contains a dance remix by fellow IP artist The Mighty She of the Lost in the Noise track.

EP1: Turn the Tide – release 10th March.

EP2: I was 25 – release 8th April ‘23. EP3: Underbelly – release 12th May ‘23. LP Fear of Silence is scheduled for release 16th June ‘23

The overall sound and style on this release is more focused than on the first album Instant Happiness, and slips away from indie rock towards a more indie roots / blues / Americana vibe. Lead singer, songwriter and lyricist of Paper Fishes, Andre Levy explains the forces behind the two new tracks.

Sulk: “I wrote this song for my brother. It’s about people being buried under the weight of expectation and trying to break free from that. It looks at how our self-worth can be stripped away till we finally crack. It’s a love song to someone who did crack.

Lost in the Noise: “The noise is the accumulation of other people’s lives flooding over our own, the noise of the world, of our expectations and sense of failure, of how we need to battle just to keep going. The song also touches on the shadow cast by childhood trauma and mental illness, and how we struggle to justify our pain against our privilege.”

The songs are highly personal, intimate, and honest. Andre spent time crafting songs bringing out and emphasising the lyrics and the feelings behind them, working with his super talented band to find the right musical tone and arrangements.

Lost in the Noise from EP1, Turn the Tide.

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