Hydrogen Trees: Fairground Archives Vol. 1

Caught in the space between two EP’s and working on their forthcoming album The Hydrogen Trees release Fairground Archives Vol 1 on 17th February 2023. A collection of 8 abandoned strays scratching to escape the rusty Hydrogen Tree vault. Recorded on vintage tape decks at the point of collapse, lovingly remixed and remastered by Simon Willey.

Broken ornaments, orphans, discarded bingo cards, off-cuts, remnants, experiments, tethered memories, forgotten gems, attic dwellers or as the great Tom Waits would more than likely observe, ‘Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards.’ Each track is built on fragments welded together to create a disjointed collage of songs from the underbelly of British seaside fatigue.

Fairground Archives Vol 1 will be a download release only. In addition The Hydrogen Trees have created 5 homemade CDs. Each CD comes with its own original artwork sold on a first come first served basis.

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