Kate Bosworth IP_DT_Vol.1 (Update)

Exciting news. We’ve penned 27.01.23 for IP’s first release of the New Year. IP_DT_ Vol. 1 by Kate Bosworth brings together a 12 track mix, including artists who have appeared on her sublime experimental radio show, Dark Train, which runs on Monday evenings on Warminster Community Radio. A place of refugee for those who dance to a different beat. You can follow Kate and the Dark Train excursions on twitter and Instagram.

IP_DT_ Vol will be a ltd CD (20 copies) and download release. Streaming only available via the Bandcamp app. 100% of proceeds raised from sales will go to the artists involved and Warminster Community Radio.  

Here is a first glimpse at the artwork, which features a drawing of the abandoned Flax Bourton railway station…more information about the stations here

More information on artists, track listings, preorders, vids, etc next week.

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