Felix Jupiter: SP 2

The soundscaping troubadour is live: Glastonbury/Small World Solar Stage and a string of record shop performances (details below) to coincide with his new release SP2.

SP2 will be availaible for pre-order on Bandcamp from the 1st June and includes an immediate download of the lead track Celestial Vault with the whole album following on the 22nd June lining up with Felix’s Glastonbury debut.


We’re delighted to announce a new cassette release SP1+2. Limited edition with an initial run of just 50 copies. The 40 minute run-time includes SP1 and 2 plus bonus track: improvised live performance with friend and poet INga!

The release features a beautiful and evocative ‘O’ cover and cassette artwork created by Felix himself. The image positions him as a protagonist in an expressionistic world built on word structures bathed in fluid audio representations.

SP2 is a wandering tapestry living in the place between places, and the weight of a whole life left on the other side of the sea. Observations of places, spaces and people. With lyrics written in the rolling fields of Stroud, on a speeding train from London to Rotterdam, and in my new home of The Hague. Through the process of collaging field recordings and demos, SP2 is less of a concrete documentation of this transition, and more of an emergent emotional account. I don’t think that I knew entirely what I was making it about until I was done with it.”

Recorded solely on mobile phone, SP2 stands as a prime example of DIY music production- with tracked parts being emailed from phone, through to laptop, to be recorded over and lined up by hand. In this way it departs from the purely salvaged and collaged nature of its predecessor, SP1, into something that sits more immediately in the moment in which it was made- featuring tracks written and recorded specifically for this project.

Live dates:

  • Small World Tent (Glastonbury Festival) Thursday 23rd June 5pm
    Astro Vinyl (Bristol) Saturday 9th July 2022 2 – 3pm
    Longwell Records (Keynsham) Saturday 23rd July 2022 1.30 – 2pm
  • Sound Records (Stroud) Saturday 6th August 3:00 – 3:30 pm

…more dates to be added watch this space

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