Subcubensis: New Album from Alex H Duncan

ALEX H DUNCAN: Subcubensis

Plant wave pulses emanating from magic mushrooms discovered on his father’s grave, Alex H Duncan creates music that is, well, just different, because it’s of a non-human origin. It’s a creative world where humans tread very carefully.

His late father’s, Keith Duncan, grave lays to rest in a field owned by Alex and is completely wild, covered in trees and flowers. Life springs eternal from his father’s remains and the circle of life continues.

Visiting his father’s grave during 2021 Alex noticed magic mushrooms growing nearby providing an opportunity too good to miss. The midi data collected from those magic mushrooms now provide the source for his new album Subcubensis. “Considering his very nutrients and molecules were growing in those mushrooms, this album feels like a paean to my father,” says Alex.

Subcubensis is set for release on the 26th June 2022 and will coincide with Alex’s live performance at Glastonbury Festival on the Greenpeace Stage where he will give the audience an exclusive insight to the album, as well as providing workshops on his creative methods.

Using technology Alex searches woodlands, forests and our urban environment collecting midi data from trees, plants, and fungi. He then plugs the mini data into various sound generators and synthesizers. Enabling another species to decide pitch, tempo, cadences, and musical structures. Any occasional human input is structured around the collected data and in the case of Subcubensis radio recordings from the year of his father’s birth add subliminal tones.

Playing the Greenpeace stage will also enable Alex to continue his awareness raising of what is beneath our very feet. Vast networks of mycelium and mycorrhizae connecting plants to each other, like an organic internet.  As we walk through woods, they follow our movement collecting the nutrients released by our steps.

“For better or worse, humanity is all about repetition, beat, pulse; it has become mechanistic. I spent years putting on festivals, running rigs under tarps, quantizing my beats, strumming my guitars… I fucking loved it. Plants and fungi though are not interested in our machine-like utterings.” Says Alex.

In nature there are no loops or repeats but such beautiful patterns, and textures, such depth. Listening to Alex’s music can change both your perceptions of the planet and introduces you, perhaps, to a different way of thinking. The rush of the instant beat is gone, leaving your brain time and space to think and consider.

The patterns they form are not unlike the neurons inside our own minds and this connectivity may well be the harbinger to all sorts of unknown communication. Isn’t that amazing? The planet is doing so much at a subterranean level. My music is about that: the pulse of our planet. While we fuss and fiddle above, deep below us great things are happening.”  Alex added.

You can read the full article and learn more about the work of Alex H Duncan by click here

Subcubensis is released on the 26th June 2022 on Irregular Patterns.

The streaming version features 10 tracks

The download/physical version also features 2 bonus tracks.


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