Paper Fishes create literate, poetic, introspective songs laced with razor-sharp lyrics, observing the beauty, fragility and absurdity of life. Songs, which weld together tales of humanity and family tensions, set in a love of Americana, lo-fi rock, folk and barroom ballads.

Formed in 2018 Paper Fishes are led by the enigmatic, classically trained musician Andre Levy, (songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and pianist.) A trilogy of EPs and a new album are due in 2023. The overall sound and style on these new releases is more focused than on the first album (the eclectic Instant Happiness), and moves towards a more indie roots, blues and Americana sound.

The new songs are highly personal, intimate, and honest requiring Levy to spend time crafting songs that bring out and emphasise the lyrics and the feelings behind them, working alongside the band to find the right musical tone and arrangements.

Lost in the noise is taken from EP1: Turn the Tide, the first of a trilogy of EP’s to be released in 2023 in advance of the new album Fear of Silence.

Borrowed Time taken from Instant Happiness, 2019.

“…brutally dark indie americana. Live life and die”

John Kerridge

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