Borrowed Time

Paper Fishes

LP: Instant Happiness

Literate, poetic, visceral, introspective,
hard hitting, gutsy, audacious, finely crafted,
darkly comic, indie rock.

Led by the enigmatic, classically trained musician
Andre Levy, Paper Fishes weld together tales of
humanity and family tensions, set in a
Damien Jurado-like love of Americana, lo-fi rock,
folk and barroom ballads. Paper Fishes produce
songs laced with razor-sharp lyrics, observing the
beauty, fragility and absurdity of life.

Formed in 2018 Paper Fishes, took their name
from Kristin Joyce Stevenson’s collection of
short stories that intertwine memoir and fiction
and which sets the tone for Levy’s unflinching,
often brutally introspective lyrics. Levy is the
creative force behind Paper Fishes – songwriter,
vocalist, guitarist and pianist, planning their
journey and driving the quartet onwards.

“…brutally dark indie americana. Live life and die”

Jamie Thomas

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