The artists we love are rich in talent, poor in time, hungry and fucked off.

Existing in the grey areas and seemingly at odds with popular culture, Irregular Patterns plans on being the change we want to see in the music business. Operating on a not for profit basis our plan is to turn the traditional record label set up on its head. The inversion can simply be described as: the record label working for the artist.

What this means is that artists retain 100% of their rights and royalties and agree to pay Irregular Patterns a share after income is earned. It’s a pay what you can model: If you earn a lot of money and pay us nothing the relationship is over.

If you earn a little and pay us a little we will be very grateful. You pay us what you think we’ve earned and any cash we receive will be reinvested back into the label and support emerging artists.

It’s about trust and only trust. We’ll give you our best work if you can give us your best work. We see ourselves as a development label, a stepping stone for artists.

Irregular Patterns, in its small, but positive way, is part of the build back, exploring doughnut economics for the record industry. We are in development at a time when the world is starting its slow and painful emergence from a pandemic as we investigate more sustainable operating models for the production and distribution of music.

Artists interested in working with Irregular Patterns, need to read the whole ‘info for artists’ section before making contact. 

Info for Artists


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