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EP: Still There

13aX might be described as minimal psych folk centred on Gavin’s original guitar parts, and formed through a hybridisation of digital and analogue processes. Rhythm tracks played through an old Sony Walkman – tape slippage gradually knocking sounds sweetly out of phase – vintage mics, circular saw blades, upright acoustic and electric bass, mandolin, a ringing phone… all are intricately woven into what feels like an impromptu live take

13aX are Simon Edwards (Red Box, Fairground Attraction, Talk Talk, Shriekback, Beth Gibbons) and Gavin McClafferty (The Incredible Zombie Rockers, Days of Pure Enjoyment, Domestic Crawfish, Lensmen, Lord Fayrebanks).

An inspirational duo linked through a love of music, blood and the M4. 13aX is a distillation of years of playing, listening and being inspired, all kicked off by the gift of a new guitar. Gavin sent Simon tapes of this new sound, and before long the folk, the post punk, the electronica and pop all came into play. With Simon’s production experience and sensitive ear, the project took shape and the debut ep Still There arrived.

Repeated listens reveal their music to contain subtle multidimensional layering that combines to create a collection of beguiling audiophonic scenes.

“always nice to hear something different and this certainly fits the bill. I really liked the sound palette on the whole and the abstract nature of the song and generally familiar yet unhinged vibe”

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